Life is change. The pace of change is accelerating. Few of us will have a job for life, or even a career or profession for life, making everyone a life-long learner. But learning is limitless; no one can know it all. So how do you decide what to learn? And how do you make sure you learn effectively and efficiently, with depth and understanding, in the shortest possible time? How can you do less, but be more?

At Limitless Learning Limited, we specialise in breaking big, difficult concepts into a limited number of manageable chunks that are logically structured to build comprehension. Our products, sessions, lessons and courses regularly teach, test and reinforce key concepts so you can learn with minimal effort. Now doesn’t that sound good? To make it even easier for you, we add in large doses of storytelling, music, entertainment and games to make the learning process engaging and enjoyable.

We pride ourselves on creating rigorous learning materials that are unapologetically demanding of learners so that you know there is a deep understanding of the learning goals and new knowledge can be applied successfully in unfamiliar situations. And then we add some fun so you enjoy it and keep doing it – keep learning!

We don’t teach to a test. We teach you to be your best.

Our services

We provide consultancy services to a variety of institutions, corporations, government organisations and charitable foundations. We specialise in using optimal instructional and content strategies to create bespoke, award-winning materials. We provide content for school students and teachers, professional development and training for corporations, and behaviour change marketing campaigns for governmental Read more

Our products

Our rAPPidRevise suite of mobile apps were the first test-preparation apps in the App Store to incorporate game-based learning, social media and location-based leader-boards. The apps were shortlisted by Apple for Editor’s Choice of the Week in May 2011. Our user base grew organically to tens of thousands of users Read more

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