About us

Limitless Learning Limited was founded by Jane Ballantine a week after Apple’s App Store launched in 2008. As a former secondary science teacher, Jane saw first-hand how addicted teenagers were to their mobile phones and this inspired her to put learning into their hands. In 2004, Jane pitched an idea for a mobile text/SMS-based revision quiz to a large mobile network provider to run in 2005 for the International Year of Physics. At that time, the technology wasn’t quite ready to support her idea; but when she saw the App Store, she knew the time had come.

When the company was founded, Jane was getting far more work than she herself could do, so she set up Limitless Learning to run as an agency that employed educational authors and editors to complete client’s work with her oversight. The profits from this work were used to fund the development of Limitless Learning’s own products.

We are a small company of friendly full-time and part-time staff. We work closely with a regular set of trusted freelancers so we can be flexible, cost-effective and responsive to our clients’ needs.

Our team of principals and freelancers is managed by Jane Ballantine, Founder and CEO of the company.

Originally based in London and in Edinburgh, we now operate with a variety of clients and freelancers around the world.


Limitless Learning opportunities

Many of Limitless Learning’s first editors and employees were people who had been long-term unemployed due to mental health difficulties. With careful and considerate management and coaching, these brave and talented individuals were helped to re-join the workforce.

If you have been out of the workforce for a while, or don’t have a glowing CV, but do have good skills and are willing and able to work, do get in touch! We will give you the time and support you need to deliver your work, and will help you get back into employment with that all-important recent work experience and reference.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us a link to your LinkedIn profile or your curriculum vitae (CV)/resume to jobs@limitlesslearninglimited.com

We have removed our apps from the app stores to update them.