Our rAPPidRevise suite of mobile apps were the first test-preparation apps in the App Store to incorporate game-based learning, social media and location-based leader-boards. The apps were shortlisted by Apple for Editor’s Choice of the Week in May 2011. Our user base grew organically to tens of thousands of users around the world in the first five months.

We create…

  • Learning content and games
  • Instructional manuals and training
  • Fun mobile apps like rAPPidRevise


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We launched our first mobile app, rAPPidRevise GCSE Science 1, in January 2011. This app was the first in a suite of apps designed to help students prepare for public examinations in the UK. The suite of rAPPidRevise apps expanded to include an increasing number of subjects and qualifications in both Apple and Android formats.

We were the first developers to gamify exam study and test preparation using timed quizzes, online leader-boards and social media challenges. Our user research showed how effective these mechanics are in engaging students – and seeing how their scores compare with others motivates further study.

We were also the first developers to provide detailed progress-tracking, note-taking, question tiers and an exam board selector so that students could choose to be tested only on content tightly-aligned and relevant to their upcoming exams. Our apps also allow users to change exam board and level within the app (where applicable) so that they can see which set of test papers they should take in order to get the best grade.

Students said:

So easy to use on my phone and it’s good to see how much I’m getting better.


I love this app. It’s really good revision.


Teachers said:

Students who are usually reluctant to do any homework (or even much work in class) were captivated by the app and became very competitive when trying out the quizzes.


You can find out more about these apps from our rAPPidRevise website.


We have removed our apps from the app stores to update them.