We provide consultancy services to a variety of institutions, corporations, government organisations and charitable foundations. We specialise in using optimal instructional and content strategies to create bespoke, award-winning materials. We provide content for school students and teachers, professional development and training for corporations, and behaviour change marketing campaigns for governmental bodies.

Learning is limitless…

We limit and structure information so
you can learn what you want, when you want, where you want

Putting learning solutions together for you

We’ve produced a wide range of learning materials that have been used from the playroom to the boardroom – although we’ve yet to use the same product in both places!

Examples of our work include:

Educational websites for school pupils
E-learning courses for teachers
Board games
Mobile apps
Scripts for corporate videos
Face-to-face corporate training
Professional development courses
Public safety awareness marketing campaigns
Help manuals, documentation and wikis for software
Workshops teaching learning strategies and revision techniques

When putting together a resource, we look to meet the learner’s needs in the most effective way, combining different mediums and methodologies to create an enjoyable and efficient learning experience.

If you are interested in working with us please Contact us.

We have removed our apps from the app stores to update them.